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Looking for Pieces of Shoreland League History

By AJ Lorrigan, 09/23/18, 3:45PM CDT


Baseball is a game of history and tradition. Take a trip to any Major League stadium, or even most minor league stadiums, and you will no doubt see this history on display in the form of statues, memorabilia, imagery, and part of the ballpark experience in general. From Monument Park in Yankee Stadium to the seventh-inning stretch, baseball honors its past by keeping it alive.

On March 30, 1972, the Manitowoc County Baseball League changed it's name to the Shoreland Baseball League. This came about after a number of teams from outside of Manitowoc County had joined the league. In the 46 years since this change occurred, more than 25 different organizations have fielded teams rostered by thousands of men who have played in well over 2,000 League sanctioned games.

We would like to honor our past with the creation of a digital archive of all things Shoreland League - and we need your help.

Do you, or do you know someone that might, have any of the following Shoreland League-related items?
- photos
- news clippings
- old uniforms or hats
- game balls
- scorebooks
- gameday programs

If so, we would love to have a photo of it as a part of our collection. Please send a digital image of the item to Include in the email your name, the names of anyone pictured, the date (rough estimate if you don't know the exact date), and a description of what the item is. If you have anything from the Manitowoc County Baseball League, we'll take that too!

Eventually, all the images will be available online for anyone to view but first we need to gather our history before we can tell our story. A big thank you in advance to everyone who can contribute to this project!